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Diane Brinton - Creative Wearable

Hello, Diane here, I'm the artist behind Flow Studio Designs

I create art jewelry, mostly using glass – flame sculpted, formed, fused and fired. I love its molten flow and how it comes to life when worn. My studio is like a candy store to me – full of luminous, colorful, shimmering, seductive, glorious glass.

Working with glass can be challenging. It’s molten in a flame and can be unpredictable when you add other types of reactive glass, metals, enamels, millefiori or “pixie” dust (yes, I have pixies in my studio). Glass can be imploded, sculpted, pushed into molds, sandblasted, stretched, etched, cut, cast and carved. The possibilities are endless.


All this encapsulated in fine silver, sterling silver or bronze. My metalwork allows me the creative licence to explore the most unique presentation of my glasswork. My metalwork also allows me to create unique jewelry pieces that can be highly personalized. Would you like a jewelry piece for that very special gift? I would love to discuss the possibilities with you, just drop me a line - contact me 

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